Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Nazaqat - Review

AUTHOR: Sasha H. Singhal
ISBN: 978-81-92648-00-2
GENRE: Thriller and Drama Novel

EXCERPT: Traces the life of a prostitute turned entrepreneur, who hires a ghost writer to make a biography. A murder that she was accused for and also her vision to legalize prostitution. A parallel conspiracy that threatens both her life and vision. Will she survive or succumb becoming a victim is what builds the story.

This story came to me when I wasn't into reading and less reviewing. I was going through some personal crises and whenever I touched the novel, I couldn't go past page one. Eventually after a lot of convincing to myself I took the novel and believe me it had me hooked up. Right from the start till the very end, it kept me on my toes and I had no idea how the plot will turn next. 

Nazani and Nazakat or Naez are the central characters of this story and what adds to the element of aura is that they are the same individual. The protagonist of the story is explored in a different light in every different scenario. In a way, it showcases how people act with different people but then who you are in truth? Are you like Nazakat or like Nazani or someone entirely else. 

The concept is nice, something which is not really explored maybe because of will the readers like it or will it work. In fact I were to give an opinion, it worked. It was realistic and believable. The vocabulary used is nice and compliments the emotions and the portrayal of character. The central character is beautifully chalked out, there is an element of eerie calm and sinister that is blended nicely with a good amount of subtlety.

There are various supporting characters namely Sharat, her prostitution manager. Priyanka, Ishank and Biplab her friends. And Mathews the ghost writer. The characterization is simple and realistic. And though at times the plot shifts from one time to another, flashback mode. The reader doesn't get lost.

Sometimes what happens is when there are too many characters or personality clashes, chances of the reader getting lost increases. This is something that has been avoided, the narration is precise, and follows the conversation theme but this does not prove to be a stopper but otherwise. Also given the fact that,  the character development is gradual, there are many insistence's where one can connect to the psyche of the lead, not to that complete level but in little ways. 

This is a type of story that makes you want to not keep the book down until it is over and also when it is done it leaves a feeling of emptiness. But a good kind of emptiness when you realize it is over. The mystery is one of the most basic element of this story and is maintained well throughout. The climax is very out of the box one which the reader might not have expected. Again, thoughtfully executed and written. 

One thing as a reader that I loved was the verses used throughout the story. There is a hint of human touch in many scenes to which one can connect to. The reader can imagine the scenes that was written and that is the most magical thing about this book, it feels like the scene is playing in front of your eyes.    

RATING: 6/10
PRICE: Rs. 125
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 202

This is an author-requested review, given for a review copy of the book.

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