Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Homing Pigeons - Review

AUTHOR: Sid Bahri
ISBN: 978-93-80349-91-6
GENRE: Romance, Drama


"Not all love stories are perfect, but then, neither are people." 

They say Homing Pigeons always come back to their mate, no matter where you leave them on the face of this earth. Homing Pigeons is the story of love between these two unsuspecting characters as it is of lust, greed, separations, prejudices and crumbling spines. 

This is the story of Aditya and Radhika.


So this book comes out for review around mid 2013, but I don't really get it for review because I've shut down my blog temporarily. That's basically what's happening since past some months with my poor blog. So anyways, despite me not reading it I end up hearing awesome reviews about it but bad luck I don't land myself, every time I think I'll buy it or I'll ask a friend to lend me hers something happens and the plan stops even before executing. Now around November end December, Readers Cosmos suddenly asks me I still have a copy of this book would you mind reviewing it. And I jump on the opportunity. I receive the book by December and I even end up reading it, gushing about it and everything but yes I don't blog about it. Reasons I'm not stating again, but finally I put to electronic paper my words. 

The moment you pick up the book, read the blurb at the back you get that feeling of a love story although a weird feeling, like there is bound to be something that will strike a chord with you. You turn the pages and you're lost in a world of relationships, drama, emotions and the complexities and small joys that comes from being in love with someone, the pain and agony too that's a part of it. 

What I loved about it the most was the narration, it flows like a calm undisturbed river. It is so flawless that at times you don't realize you're reading a first time author. Sid Bahri has woven the words so beautifully that you can't resist putting the book down. Another magical thing is, the writing is so friendly it almost speaks to you. The characters speak to you and you fall in love with them. 

The story revolves around a guy Aditya, this career and how he has lost his job in a time of recession. How he is drowning away his grief in a bar and ends up meeting this lady there, who eventually changes the very course of his life. Alternatively we have Radhika whose story is going on parallel with the first one, a wealthy young widow who has just recently married of her step daughter to claim the riches of her deceased husband. 

The above lines simply don't do any justice to the plot. It thickens with every page you turn and the more it complicates the more it engulfs you in it. It is more like sometimes you don't know where it is all going and then suddenly it all falls into place and you're left gaping amazed. 

Though this book is not all sugary sweet on the flip side it is at times a little slow paced with loads of flashbacks jumping in the middle and has a very dramatic Indian hindi movie feel. It's not bad it's just a little disappointing in certain places. 

On a whole, this book is good. It's not over the top and it explores love in ways more than one and with great subtlety. Lastly, you can't help but fall in love with the book once you've read it. So do read it, it makes you believe in love.

RATING: 7/10
PRICE: Rs. 150
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 318

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Nazaqat - Review

AUTHOR: Sasha H. Singhal
ISBN: 978-81-92648-00-2
GENRE: Thriller and Drama Novel

EXCERPT: Traces the life of a prostitute turned entrepreneur, who hires a ghost writer to make a biography. A murder that she was accused for and also her vision to legalize prostitution. A parallel conspiracy that threatens both her life and vision. Will she survive or succumb becoming a victim is what builds the story.

This story came to me when I wasn't into reading and less reviewing. I was going through some personal crises and whenever I touched the novel, I couldn't go past page one. Eventually after a lot of convincing to myself I took the novel and believe me it had me hooked up. Right from the start till the very end, it kept me on my toes and I had no idea how the plot will turn next. 

Nazani and Nazakat or Naez are the central characters of this story and what adds to the element of aura is that they are the same individual. The protagonist of the story is explored in a different light in every different scenario. In a way, it showcases how people act with different people but then who you are in truth? Are you like Nazakat or like Nazani or someone entirely else. 

The concept is nice, something which is not really explored maybe because of will the readers like it or will it work. In fact I were to give an opinion, it worked. It was realistic and believable. The vocabulary used is nice and compliments the emotions and the portrayal of character. The central character is beautifully chalked out, there is an element of eerie calm and sinister that is blended nicely with a good amount of subtlety.

There are various supporting characters namely Sharat, her prostitution manager. Priyanka, Ishank and Biplab her friends. And Mathews the ghost writer. The characterization is simple and realistic. And though at times the plot shifts from one time to another, flashback mode. The reader doesn't get lost.

Sometimes what happens is when there are too many characters or personality clashes, chances of the reader getting lost increases. This is something that has been avoided, the narration is precise, and follows the conversation theme but this does not prove to be a stopper but otherwise. Also given the fact that,  the character development is gradual, there are many insistence's where one can connect to the psyche of the lead, not to that complete level but in little ways. 

This is a type of story that makes you want to not keep the book down until it is over and also when it is done it leaves a feeling of emptiness. But a good kind of emptiness when you realize it is over. The mystery is one of the most basic element of this story and is maintained well throughout. The climax is very out of the box one which the reader might not have expected. Again, thoughtfully executed and written. 

One thing as a reader that I loved was the verses used throughout the story. There is a hint of human touch in many scenes to which one can connect to. The reader can imagine the scenes that was written and that is the most magical thing about this book, it feels like the scene is playing in front of your eyes.    

RATING: 6/10
PRICE: Rs. 125
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 202

This is an author-requested review, given for a review copy of the book.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Baramulla Bomber - Review

AUTHOR: Clark Prasad
ISBN: 9381523975
GENRE: Science Fiction Espionage Thriller


An Ancient Weapon from the Vedas & Bible
Once Hunted by the Nazis
Powered by the Sound of the Universe

Reborn with the Help of Quantum Physics
Going to be Unleashed onto the World
And Kashmir Holds its Secret


Before I begin with the review I would like to mention a few things, Baramulla Bomber was sent to me by Readers Cosmos who I thank immensely and second a big sorry for not putting the review of the book soon. I was away from the blogging world for almost three months and have just returned back with this review and I have two more reviews piled up.

Coming back to the novel, the first thing that intrigued me about it was the name. It was odd and yet it didn't give away anything. But all I could gather was it is something to do with thriller, mystery and sci-fi too. So with that curiosity of reading all this I applied for the book. And my expectations didn't prove wrong.

So the story begins, a group of royal descendants meet. They are called Cho Skyong. While they are in discussion, there is a blast and most of the group dies. From all this chaos one man seemed to have survived, Abhimanyu Kashyap who had managed to save himself and vows to keep the secret discussed in the meet alive. But what next is what? What's the secret? This is where the real story picks up.

The novel is filled with maps and graphs and different time zones everything that is basically needed to add to the plot to complicate it in the right amount. The plot jumps from the blast of royal descendants to Mansur Haider a Kashmiri and then suddenly we have the Swedish Adolf Silfverskiold, an investigator land in the case. It is like a whole web that eventually merges into one. This being said this is the first book in the trilogy.

Though  there are things that complicate the plot but the author has taken great care that it doesn't confuse the reader. Also the theme of the book is maintained and the story moves in a racy pace, with the reader always on the move as to what will happen next. Even the combination of Quantum physics, bible the vedas and cricket seems a bit more than odd it is blended nicely.

Despite all this, at the end you get the feeling (at least I got) the story could have been slowed down a bit. It's like too much has been cramped into too small a place. Nevertheless, the narration is good and even character portrayal is nice. Good job done by the author. Wishing you all the best for your future works.

RATING: 5/10
PRICE: Rs. 395
BINDING: Paperback
PAGES: 313

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